Visma eAccounting API - Discount in fixed amount

What's new?


We always strive to give our partners and our customers the best out of our system and API, therefore a new feature is coming our way called Discount In Fixed Amount. Some of you might be familiar with this already because we know this is a highly desired feature by our and your users in eAccounting.

This means that we have new properties on all API endpoints with sales rows models (in other words QuoteRowApi, OrderRowApi, CustomerInvoiceRowApi, and CustomerInvoiceDraftRowApi). The properties are IsDiscountInFixedAmount (boolean, optional, read only) and DiscountFixedAmount (number, optional, read only, 2 decimals). They all align the same for all sales model rows.


In order to extend the possibility from only using discount with percentage to both percentage and a fixed amount we need to expose the discounts a bit differently.

The IsDiscountInFixedAmount property will inform you of which discount type is on the row. False equals percentage and true equals fixed amount.

The DiscountFixedAmount property will represent the discount amount when IsDiscountInFixedAmount value is true.

What do I need to do?

If your integration reads or writes information about discount we recommend you to read from these new properties in combination with the existing DiscountPercentage property.

When do I need to do that?

The sooner the better. We will release this feature to be used in the GUI of eAccounting 14th of October. Before that you need to adapt to the changes in order for you integration to work with the new discount in fixed amount.

We really look forward to releasing this fully. Again, it’s a highly desired feature and will make eAccounting even better!

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].