New fields on Customer


Direct debit (for the Netherlands) settings and IBAN on the Customer

We have added two fields to Customer endpoints, Iban and DirectDebitCustomerSettings object that refer to the direct debit module (for the Netherlands) settings.
The DirectDebitCustomerSettings object contains MandateId, MandateType, SequenceType, SigningDate, EndDate and LatestDirectDebit properties.

CustomerInvoiceDraft updates


New mapping on RotReducedInvoicingAmount and RotReducedInvoicingAutomaticDistribution for CustomerInvoiceDraft endpoints

RotReducedInvoicingAmount and RotReducedInvoicingAutomaticDistribution are now are being saved when UsesGreenTechnology is true for v2/customerinvoicedrafts endpoints in order to follow the use of green technology in the eAccounting client application.

New fields referring to contribution margin on sales documents


ShowContributionMargin and ContributionMargin

We have added two fields which refer to the contribution margin being shown on sales documents (as a total and on the rows): one in company settings which can be true or false named ShowContributionMargin and one on the sales documents named ContributionMargin, showing the amount and percentage of the contribution margin.

New property on CustomerInvoices



CreditedByApi has been added to the CustomerInvoiceApi object, an object that contains information about the invoice that the current invoice is credited by.

New property on Attachments



CurrencyCode has been added to the AttachmentResultApi object, representing the currency used on the supplier for the attachment.

New endpoint: PUT Fiscalyears


PUT /v2/fiscalyears/{fiscalYearId}

This endpoint provides the possibility to lock and unlock a given fiscal year using the property IsLockedForAccounting.

New property on Quotes and QuoteDrafts



Id was previously missing as a navigation property for each QuoteRowApi object. As all other navigation properties, it's read-only and generated by eAccounting.

New property on VatCode



OssCodeType is a readonly property added to the response object of the endpoint GET /v2/vatcodes. The values are 0 = None, 1 = Sales, 2 = Vat with 0 = None as default value. Values 1 = Sales and 2 = Vat are only returned if the company has the setting Apply rules for One Stop Shop (OSS) activated.

New properties on AttachmentResult



TransactionDate is a readonly property added to the response object of the endpoint GET /v2/attachments and GET /v2/attachment/{id}. The value is set if the source image has been interpreted. It represents the date of the transaction for the source document; eg invoice date for a supplier invoice, payment date for a receipt.

New User Authentication recommandations and information


Use prompt=select_account to always prompt the selection of company

Up until now acr_values=service:44643EB1-3F76-4C1C-A672-402AE8085934+forceselectcompany:true in combination with prompt=login was used to ignore the standard company setting in Visma Online and always prompt the user with the selection of company.
Now you can use prompt=select_account to achieve that. Both options for prompt can be used to force login as well: prompt=login+select_account.

The recommandation is to use prompt=select_account&acr_values=service:44643EB1-3F76-4C1C-A672-402AE8085934.
Please check the authentication page for more information.

Disclaimer: prompt=select_account does not work in Sandbox. Since that is a test environment there are differences compared to Production in regards to the Identity Server implementation. We are working on aligning them in the near future.