New and improved sandbox!

What's new?

We've implemented a new customer type in Visma Online (our platform) for sandbox companies. That means newly registered sandbox companies will use our production environment with test companies as well as new IdentityServer clients in the production environment. They'll be suffixed automatically with "sandbox" in the company name so there's no risk of mixing them up with a real company.

Visma Lön Smart in Sweden!

Visma Lön Smart is the latest addition to our payroll suite in Sweden.

We are soon releasing Visma Lön Smart's API and it's a part of the sandbox package for swedish partners. You'll be able to integrate seamlessly with both products using the same authorization flow, separated with scopes.

The API is currently in the last phase of development, but the Visma Lön Smart service will be provisioned together with Visma eAccounting already.


This will easily solve most of the known issues with the existing sandbox environment. Deployment frequency, improved performance and multi user support are just a few of them. It will be more production-like for you as developers, which is something we've heard you have wanted for quite some time.

What do I need to do?

Register a new sandbox account here . You'll get a new sandbox company and new oAuth credentials in the production environment. For your integration code, you need to swap the clientid,clientsecretand IdentityServer base URL from to and API base URL from to

When do I need to do that?

The old sandbox environment will be up and running until 2024-08-31. After this date, the following URLs will stop function and the companies will be removed permanently:

What about my data?!

You'll be able to export articles, customers, suppliers, chart of accounts, vouchers and more from Visma eAccounting. Just go to Settings > Import & Export. This data can then be imported in your new sandbox company. If that doesn't fulfill your needs, you can use the API to get the data you need and post to the new company.

After 2024-08-31 all old sandbox data will be deleted permanently!

Notice anything weird? Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].