New bugfixes


Here is a list of the latest bugfixes we've done

The parts we have solved affects both green technology, correct VAT numbers and so on.

Create a green tech invoice with 20 percentage for solar panel installation

This update makes it possible to create invoices with 20% and not only 15% as before, which are the only allowed values. The user has the option to change this by opening company settings and then invoice settings.

Affected endpoints:

POST v2/quotes
POST v2/orders
POST v2/customerinvoices
POST v2/quotedraft
POST v2/customerinvoicedrafts

Fix the e-mail layout formatting for quotes/orders/invoices

The formatting of the e-mail is now fixed so that it matches the one sent from the web.

Affected endpoints:


Validate VAT number on customers

If a VAT number is added to a customer it needs to be valid according to VIES. This change will apply when creating new customers or changing existing ones. This behaviour will align with the current validation in the web application.

Affected endpoints:

POST v2/customers
PUT v2/customers/{id}

Invoice date on sales invoice drats

Today we always show the original invoice date, regardless of the company setting for “KeepOriginalDraftDate”.

This update will change the behavior to:

Keep today's date if the setting is OFF or NULL
Use the original draft date if the setting is ON
Affected endpoints:

GET v2/customerinvoicedrafts
GET v2/customerinvoicedrafts/{id}