New User Authentication recommandations and information


Use prompt=select_account to always prompt the selection of company

Up until now acr_values=service:44643EB1-3F76-4C1C-A672-402AE8085934+forceselectcompany:true in combination with prompt=login was used to ignore the standard company setting in Visma Online and always prompt the user with the selection of company.
Now you can use prompt=select_account to achieve that. Both options for prompt can be used to force login as well: prompt=login+select_account.

The recommandation is to use prompt=select_account&acr_values=service:44643EB1-3F76-4C1C-A672-402AE8085934.
Please check the authentication page for more information.

Disclaimer: prompt=select_account does not work in Sandbox. Since that is a test environment there are differences compared to Production in regards to the Identity Server implementation. We are working on aligning them in the near future.