Patch verb

We have released the PATCH verb for our Sandbox environment together with some endpoints which use it. This enables the user to update an entity without providing the whole object in the body.

For further information on how to use the PATCH verb please check out our FAQ at


  • added: PATCH v2/articles/{articleId}
  • added: PATCH v2/companysettings
  • added: PATCH v2/customerinvoicedrafts/{customerInvoiceDraftId}
  • added: PATCH v2/customers/{customerId}
  • added: PATCH v2/supplierinvoicedrafts/{supplierinvoicedraftId}
  • added: PATCH v2/suppliers/{supplierId}

Please keep in mind that the endpoints above are currently experimental and subject to change. You can share your thoughts on our API community forum and provide feedback.