New endpoints: Voucher Drafts

Release of a highly requested feature by AOs in collaboration with customers.
This will enable end users to save manual journal entries as a draft and then allow the AO to review them and edit if needed before posting them to ledger.
The new endpoints enable the possibility to create, get, update, delete a draft or convert it to a voucher.

CompanySettings updates

New properties on v2/companysettings.

Customer Invoices new validation on rot/rut


New validation error on POST /v2/customerinvoices - RotReducedInvoicingPropertyName

In order to fix a bug and align to the behaviour inside eAccounting the API will now return a 2000 - DataModelValidationError when using POST /v2/customerinvoices with a set RotPropertyType but empty RotReducedInvoicingPropertyName.

New endpoints: Backorder, print pdf from order, delivery note and quote

If an existing order has a delivered quantity that is smaller than the ordered quantity, this endpoint will take the order id and automatically create a backorder for the remaining amount. The order must be in status shipped or invoiced and may not have an existing backorder already.

CustomerInvoice updates

Address properties on v2/customerinvoices are not read-only anymore.

Article updates

eAccounting has been extended with some article updates and additions. They are all related to stock and stock handling. There's a few updates to the API related to this aswell:

Patch verb postponed

The patch verb was released a few months back in our Sandbox environment together with some experimental endpoints. After further investigation and self assessment we decided to postpone the PATCH verb implementation in the production environment in order to implement a solution that alligns more with the industry standards and with the quality and structure that the Visma eAccounting API has.

Updates for creating and updating articles

In eAccounting, the Gross price and Net price of an article are dependent on the selected vat rate. For example if you have selected a 25% vat rate and Net price is 100, Gross price must be 125. The same logic is valid if you enter 125 Gross price, Net price must be 100. In order to preserve data consistency we have added a validation which validates the Net and Gross price based on the selected vat rate.

Changed error code number


Error code number changed when cost centers not allowed

In order to be more accurate with the error code types thrown, the 4000 - Conflict was changed to a 2000 - DataModelValidationError in the cases when a cost center is used in combination with an account that does not allow cost centers. VouchersV2 and PaymentVoucherV2 endpoints are affected by this change.

Dutch support for creating payment vouchers

We have now implemented support for Dutch companies for creating payment vouchers.