Updates for creating and updating articles

In eAccounting, the Gross price and Net price of an article are dependent on the selected vat rate. For example if you have selected a 25% vat rate and Net price is 100, Gross price must be 125. The same logic is valid if you enter 125 Gross price, Net price must be 100. In order to preserve data consistency we have added a validation which validates the Net and Gross price based on the selected vat rate.

Changed error code number


Error code number changed when cost centers not allowed

In order to be more accurate with the error code types thrown, the 4000 - Conflict was changed to a 2000 - DataModelValidationError in the cases when a cost center is used in combination with an account that does not allow cost centers. VouchersV2 and PaymentVoucherV2 endpoints are affected by this change.

Dutch support for creating payment vouchers

We have now implemented support for Dutch companies for creating payment vouchers.

TLS discontinuation reminder

We would like to kindly remind you that the last day when we are going to support requests with TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 will be 31st December.

Improvements update

Below you can see that latest improvements and updates :

Support for updating Rot & Rut settings

Possibility to update Rot and Rut settings. Note that this is only available for Swedish companies which use rot reduced invoicing

Support for creating payment vouchers

Added possibility to create vouchers for recording payments on customer or supplier invoices.

Support for over/under payment

Possibility to create vouchers with over/under payments towards customers or suppliers.

Patch verb

We have released the PATCH verb for our Sandbox environment together with some endpoints which use it. This enables the user to update an entity without providing the whole object in the body.


We have now released webhooks for our Sandbox environment. The functionality is still in beta, but make sure to check it out!