TLS discontinuation reminder

We would like to kindly remind you that the last day when we are going to support requests with TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 will be 31st December.

Improvements update

Below you can see that latest improvements and updates :

Support for updating Rot & Rut settings

Possibility to update Rot and Rut settings. Note that this is only available for Swedish companies which use rot reduced invoicing

Support for creating payment vouchers

Added possibility to create vouchers for recording payments on customer or supplier invoices.

Support for over/under payment

Possibility to create vouchers with over/under payments towards customers or suppliers.

Patch verb

We have released the PATCH verb for our Sandbox environment together with some endpoints which use it. This enables the user to update an entity without providing the whole object in the body.


We have now released webhooks for our Sandbox environment. The functionality is still in beta, but make sure to check it out!

Support for getting bank transactions

Possibility for fetching either matched or unmatched bank transactions.

New property added for customer invoices and customer invoice drafts

BuyersOrderReference was added for customer invoices and customer invoice drafts that can be used when sending electronic invoices.

Improvements May

Below you can see the updates from May.