How fun to see you here! This is the documentation of the API to Visma eAccounting. Here you should find all information you need in order to succesfully create third party apps towards the eAccounting API.

Visma eAccounting

Visma eAccounting is a cloud based software for small and medium sized businesses. We provide functionality as invoicing, bookkeeping, bank reconciliation and much more. If you want to read up more on eAccounting itself, here's where you do it. We expose major parts of eAccounting in the API.

How do I Access the API?

In order to make authorized requests towards the API, you need to be registered as a partner. Just go to our registration site and sign up yourself! You will be provided with all necessary credentials via the email you provide upon registration.

For more detailed information regarding authentication and authorization, take a look at the Authentication guide.

Sandbox & Production Environments

In order to test the integration between your third party application and Visma eAccounting, we provide you with access to a test environment (Sandbox) and when you are ready for release, you get access to the Production environment. Read more about the difference between Sandbox environment and Production environment in the Environments guide.


If you have a more complex question or a customer specific question we prefer that you communicate to us via email.

Swedish partners: [email protected]
Norwegian partners: [email protected]
Dutch partners: [email protected]


Don't forget the Error ID!

If you encounter a error of some kind, we return always return a unique Error ID on all non-successful requests. Provide that Error ID to the API support to decrease response time!

Looking for Visma Advisor developer portal?

It's still available, under a new domain. Just go to https://advisorapi.visma.net!

Terms Of Service

Our developer Terms Of Service can be read here