Version 1

This is the vanilla version of the eAccounting API. Since version 2 is around, we won't make any new additions to this version. Although, we are still maintaining it. If we have to adapt our API to the eAccounting client in any way, this will be done in both versions. It will be depricated and removed from the site at some point in time, but the time for that has not been decided yet.

Version 2

This is currently the latest version of the API. We have done a lot of things to improve it from version 1, such as Query Customization, Pagination, and other improvements.

Work with versioning

You have a few options on making requests towards the different versions of the API.


The version parameter is just a change of URL, which means that both version 1 and version 2 goes under the same roof.

You can use both versions for different endpoints in any way you want. Perfect if you have plans of migrating existing functionality of yours.